For those who desire to become a member & support this beautiful old lard breed MBOAR offers several membership options.

Membership revenue is used to aid the promotion, development and operation of MBOAR a non-profit organization.


A Full Membership is open to anyone.

This level of membership is for those who actively support the mission of MBOAR in the preservation of the breed by participating in educational outreach and active involvement in the matters of the Organization. A Full Member is granted voting rights at Board meetings regarding referendums and is eligible for Board membership.


A Full Membership permits the member to register their breeding stock in the official Herd Book, register the litters of those registered breeding stock and request pedigree certificates and replacement certificates. If the Full Member sells registered stock, MBOAR will transfer the certificate of ownership to the new owner.  

Additional benefits include access to research and publications in the MBOAR archive, training and the MBOAR newsletter.  Members will also be included in the private Facebook group and enjoy voting rights at the Annual Organization Meeting.


1 year – $75 USD per year

Lifetime Membership- $1250 USD. For 1 individual, non transferrable.


An International member is a member that is operating outside of the United States. 

International members have the same advantages as full members. They are welcome to participate in board meetings and membership. However international members cannot fill chair or treasurer positions on the board. This is due to incorporation in NY.

Being founded and based in the US, MBOAR makes this distinction due to mandatory regulatory compliance and guidance related to USDA labeling, traceability, management, grants and processing.

This aids the organization in adhering to the accounting rules as its status as a non-profit based in New York/United States.

Additionally MBOAR is incorporated as a non-profit educational organization that allows for contributions to be partially tax deductible.

Dues: $75 USD per year


A patron member may or may not have breeding stock or even have a farm. This designation allows those who are passionate about the breed get to know more about the uniqueness that the Mangalitsa brings. An example of a patron member may be a restaurant owner, charcutier, or an educational enthusiast. The patron member can enjoy the same educational resources and opportunities that any other member has however cannot register breeders or litters.   

A Patron Membership includes access to research and publications in the MBOAR archive, training and the MBOAR newsletter.  Patron level members will also be included in the private Facebook group. 

Dues: $41 USD per year


Sponsorships are welcomed and readily available.  These are individualized programs that focus on specific issues and topics that promote the Mangalitsa breed, educate breeders and provide general support and improvement in any aspect. For example, a sponsorship might develop a ‘seam butchering’ curriculum that would inform USDA processing facilities techniques.  Likewise, a sponsorship might support development of a genetically verified breed purity panel for commercial use.  These programs can be short or long in duration, detailed or general in their support.  Program leaders will provide and executive overview of each opportunity.  Sponsors will be included in the on-going status of their chosen program and will be acknowledged for their contribution.

Dues: Variable