You are welcome to submit any information that you currently have on your animals to MBOAR for review. MBOAR has extensive records that can assist you in proving lineage even if you only have partial lineage. It is possible for breeders to have stock within 2 generations of the imported stock and not know it! These animals qualify easily for registration.


Mangalitsa with lineage tracing to the original imported pigs or farms.

  • Profile picture showing full side of the animal taken at eye-level.
  • Lineage from the import farm or other artifacts of proof. Information from the seller from whom you received the animals is crucial to proving you have Mangalitsa from imported stock.


Mangalitsa with 3+ generations of knowm lineage (parents, grandparents and great grandparents).

  • Profile picture showing full side of the animal taken at eye-level.
  • Rear picture showing testicles/vulva.
  • Head picture
  • Feet picture on firm ground
  • Lineage papers
  • Names of seller, farm and animals for three generations.


All animals without at least 3 generations of lineage are on hold for registration at this time while MBOAR works on a process to prove purity. Please do not cull your animals. 

  • Gather as much information on your pigs as possible.
  • Beneficial items such as:
    • Parents & Grandparents
    • Birth Farm & Birthdate
  • In the meantime inspect your animals for signs of anomolies and take the required pictures for registration.
  • Apply for your Farm PIN, order 840 tags and gather DNA. See 3 Steps to Register below.

At the moment there is not a DNA test to prove purity of breed or lineage! DNA testing is used for parental verification. Future uses of the DNA may be able to support predictive phenotype traits, inbreed percentages and breed purity. MBOAR continues to support such initiatives however these have not yet been viable uses as of yet.

MBOAR and Neogen anticipate that it will take at least 2 years before a reliable purity test is be available. The DNA that breeders will submit to Neogen (GeneSeek) will be added to the pig’s files in ZooEasy ( the herd-book software used by MBOAR) and will be used for parental testing of piglets produced by registered Mangalitsas. This is a reliable way to protect the Mangalitsa breed for the future.


Different regulations are required for international members who want to register their animals with MBOAR, as countries outside the US use different ear tag systems.

If you are outside the US and have proof of purity by lineage to the European Mangalitsa Herd-books or imports it is possible to register your animals at MBOAR. Please contact MBOAR for more information:

If you have animals without traceability back to one of the European herd-books or imports, registration at the moment is not possible. We would like to invite you to become an MBOAR International Member and as soon as the foundation group of pigs is added to the register we will start to look at animals without documentation.

In the US, it is always required that animals be individually identified by ear tag or ear notch system as well as have a DNA sample (hair, blood or tissue) submitted to MBOAR.