MBOAR has determined that ZooEasy is the best software to create and maintain the lineage records for the organization. The BPA (British Pig Association) and many other pig breed organisations use this software for their own registers. 

ZooEasy provides a wide range of data that can be recorded including;  identification number, father, mother, date of birth as well as multiple pictures of an animal. One can also register the animal’s characteristics, health information, breeder and current owner. 

The central database of ZooEasy is protected from unwanted access. They currently manage the information of thousands of customers internationally and privacy is a priority. Information, such as texts, pictures and files will not be shared by ZooEasy. Files are backed up every 24 hours.

The ZooEasy program is able to calculate the inbreeding percentage of the descendants of a boar and sow in advance. It is also possible to create a relationship matrix generating one clear table with the relationship percentages between multiple animals. The more generation data of animals that is recorded, the more accurate the calculations will be. The calculations are provided by the Wageningen University and Research Center in the Netherlands. They use the Wright’s equation.

The inbreeding percentages tool is useful in two ways;

  • How to choose which animals should be bred together
  • Where to find the best matching breeding partner


The health of our Mangalitsa pigs is especially important, because the genetic pool of the breed in the USA is very small.  Only a few animals have been imported from Europe and importing is now challenging due to ASF (African Swine Fever – in Europe and limited quarantine export-facilities in Europe.

Exporting/importing breeding pigs is a very complicated, time consuming and therefore expensive operation.  It is obvious that we have to be extra careful with the genetics we have in our country. 

The ZooEasy program saves the results of tests and vet visits in your personalized online medical archive. MBOAR can store almost any information that you consider pertinent regarding your stock in the Registry. (Additional fees will apply for extra services). If you wish to analyse your records, a print-out of the selected data can be sent to you. ZooEasy will give us, as breeders, better insight into the breed, providing a basis for research to detect illnesses and other valuable information. For example, the service can estimate which animals are responsible for a certain deviation and calculate inbreeding percentages in advance. For MBOAR it is an absolute must to have clear documentation of each animal’s lineage and health record, so breeders can be advised in how to create a strong and healthy breed.

As a responsible breeder you should maintain records of various information for all of your breeding animals. Keeping track of lineage, health, performance, farrowing and character is information that is essential for the breed’s future in general.