MBOAR strives to provide the best possible advice to our Members/Breeders about the Mangalitsa breed.  Therefore, we gladly provide Breed Advisors who will share their experience and expertise regarding all aspects of the breed. 

They are extremely passionate about how Mangalitsa are bred and raised and are available for consultation for breed selection and other pertinent matters when MBOAR would needed additional advice.  Working with breeders and scientists on an international basis is in the best interest of the Mangalitsa. 

We would like you to meet:

Jeffrey is a young passionate Dutch Mangalitsa breeder and has been breeding Mangalitsa since 2013.

He has helped build the genetic diversity of the Mangalitsa pig in the Netherlands for the last 7 years. 

​Only the highest animal welfare standards are practiced at his farm and he gladly educates Dutch Mangalitsa Breeders.

He is CO-Founder of the Dutch “Mangalitza-Netwerk”. 

Rudi is the founder and breed advisor of the Wollschwein/Mangalitsa Register  & Breed Organisation in Germany.

​The Mangalitsa breed has been present in Germany since the early 19050’s though no records have been kept. Rudi has devoted himself to tracking the lineage of all of the pure Mangalitsa pigs in his country and started the Register & Breed Organization.  He has been raising Mangalitsa pigs for over 20 Years.

He is committed to find ways to market the breed and working with other breeders to build a stable market in Germany


Dominik has bred Mangalitsa pigs for over 25 years in Austria where he is the manager of the Mangalitsa Breed Book. The Mangalitsa is a part of the Arche Austria Association, an association which records many endangered farm breeds.

​He has exceptional knowledge about the phenotype and different marketing possibilities of the Mangalitsa pig. Dominik was involved in several Im/Exports of Mangalitsa breeding stock from Hungary to Austria. 

​He is also a butcher and produces Austrian specialties from his Mangalitsa pigs.


Associate Professor, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture

Radomir is a very passionate, well known Serbian scientist that has published numerous articles about the Mangalitsa; especially the Swallow Belly variety. 

​MBOAR is honored that he is willing to offer guidance, education and advice to the breed organization in certain fields.

​​His research field is: Biotechnical sciences (breeding, reproduction and selection of pigs; animal genetic resources; carcass and meat quality of pigs)

Ph.D. thesis: Phenotypic and genetic variability of boar’s fertility

Education: 1998 – 2003 Attended 6 semesters at the Faculty of veterinary medicine – University of Belgrade (Veterinary medicine). 2003 – 2006 Graduated engineer of agriculture.

Title of thesis: Technology of genetic modification and health safeness of human and animal feed.

​2008 – 2015 Doctor of science – biotechnical science, Faculty of Agriculture – University of Belgrade ​

Since 2020: Associate Professor (Faculty of Agriculture – University of Belgrade)

​Here a link to his work: Faculty of Agriculture

List of publications