What is the purpose of MBOAR?

Why should I register my Mangalitsa stock?

How is the DNA used by MBOAR?

What is a Herdbook?

What is ZooEasy?

How do I register a litter of piglets?

Why should I register my pigs being raised for meat?

Can I use the MBOAR logo?

How do I find breeding stock for purchase?

Why are Mangalitsa unique?

Where can I go for even more information?

Why should I become a member of MBOAR?

Is there more I can do to support the breed?

Does it really matter where I get my breeding stock?

When seeking breeding stock, what is the most important factor to consider?

Can I cross breed my Mangalitsa with other swine breeds? What is the benefit or detriment?

Is the Mangalitsa breed in danger?

What is the future for the Mangalitsa breed?

How do I transfer registration of my pig to someone else?

Are there other Mangalitsa breed organizations in the USA? Internationally?